Terms and Conditions for Rentals

Terms and Conditions for Rentals

Version 16/01/2019 – Sainte Luce sur Loire

Article 1.          Subject

These general terms and conditions for rentals (hereafter “TCR”) define the conditions and modalities according to which the company VANLIFE LOCATION, Entreprise Individuel, registered with the Nantes Commerce Tribunal with the number 879 654 127 and with its headquarters located at 224 route de Thouaré 44980 SAINTE LUCE SUR LOIRE (hereafter “Renter”), provides the Hirer in return for a fee a Vehicle with engine (hereafter “Vehicle”).

Article 2.             Contractual framework

The rental taken out by the Hirer is deemed to equal the rental specific conditions (hereafter “RSC”). Therefore, any contradictory clauses between the TCR and the RSC it’s the RSC that takes priority.

The Hirer can possibly conclude the Rental Specific Conditions when requesting an extension to the length of the Vehicle rental while the Rental Contract is in execution.

The TCR, RSC the CSL as well as the document returned form the individual rental contract and the provision of associated services (hereafter “Rental contract”).

The contractual documents cited make up except for exceptions the Rental contract agreement in full between the two parties.
As a result, they replace and cancel all previous declarations, negotiations, engagements, oral or written communications, agreements, statements and understandings relative to the same subject.

Article 3.             Accepting TCR

Signature of the RSC and/or the return document equals an agreement without reserve of the TCR.
The Hirer declares to have read and accepts the present without reserve.

Article 4.             Date of effect/Length of Rental contract

The Rental contract is effective the day the Hirer collects the Vehicle.

The length of the Rental contract figures in the RSC and cannot be less the two (2) days.

When the rental length as initially indicated in the RSC signed by the Parties is reached the Hirer must return the Vehicle according to the terms present in article 14.

Where relevant following the return of the Vehicle the Renter of the fitted vans and minibuses reserves the right that the hirer accepts; to adjust the rental price according to modalities defined in article 13 of the TCR.

The Hirer upon return of the vehicle pays the sum of this adjustment to the Renter. The Renter of fitted vans and minibuses will provide an adjustment invoice, an invoice were the payment mehtods are defined in article 14.2. of the TCR.

Article 5.             Reserving a Vehicle

Section 5.01  Required conditions

The Hirer must be of age.

The driver of the Vehicle (hereafter the “Driver”), must be at least 21 years old and posses and held a valid driving licence and that corresponds to the Vehicle category for at least 2 years. A driving licence obtained from a Member state of the European Economic Space (meaning European Member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) is valid in France. Holders of a licence from another Country requires a licence with a photograph and written in French or with an official translation. An international driving licence must be sent with a national driving licence. A “blank” licence or with restricted validity, or a declaration of loss or theft does not enable in the Rental of a vehicle. The Driver must attest to the validity of their driving licence as well as having no suspension, restriction or cancellation measures in progress.

Section 5.02   Reservations

In order to reserve a Vehicle the Hirer has two options:

–      to go to the Renter’s internet site via the address www.van-life-location.fr, then the “Reservations” section and fill in the rental form;

  • Or phone the Renter using the following number: 07 62 28 54 94 and provide the operator with the necessary information (full name, postal address, email address, dates, options chosen, etc.).

Section 5.03   Vehicles

The fitted vans Rental Company can offer fitted vans that can accommodate 2 to 7 people (adults and children included) depending on the model.

All vans are equipped with the following:

– accessories in accordance with compulsory regulations meaning a high visibility vest, warning triangle, a box of bulbs and fuses (except for vans with LED lights) and a litre of oil.
If the Hirer of the Vehicle fails to return one of these items the Renter will charge 30,00 € Incl VAT (thirty euros including VAT) per item.

Furthermore, the Renter offers the Hirer the possibility to purchase additional options when reserving the Vehicle:

transfer 50 €



Cleaning € 50

eating bag (1 bottle of sweet Kerisac cider 75cl, 1 can of Belle-Iloise sardine, 2 packets of Saint-Michel galette, 1 packet of Breton puck) € 15

bedding kit for 2 people (a double duvet + cover, 2 pillows + pillowcases) 30 €

towel kit 2 people (2 large towels, 2 small towels, 2 washcloths) 2 people 14 €

camping kit (level wedges, camping adapter + extension cord, lantern) € 7 / day

2 person tent 6 € / day

2-person tent bedding kit (a comfort mattress, a double duvet + cover, 2 pillows + pillowcases € 6 / day

kitchen kit for 4 people (cutlery, plates, saucepan, detergent, salt, pepper) included

table with 4 chairs included

stove with 2 bottles included

baby seat € 6 / day

bike rack 5 € / day

pressure solar shower 10 Liters 5 € / day

chemical toilet 5 € / day

shower cabin 2 seconds 3 € / day

– Cancelation option (article 12 of the present TCR)

The complete list of options and prices is available on the web site www.van-life-location.com.  The Renter reserves the right to edit this list at any time; therefore, we recommend the Hirer check the list regularly.

Section 5.04   Confirming the reservation

To finalise the reservation, the Hirer must pay a deposit in accordance with article 6, section 6.02 of the TCR.

We specify that if the Hirer decides to pay the deposit by cheque/post the reservation is finalised upon the cashing of the cheque by the Renter of fitted vans.

Section 5.05   Confirmation of reservation

As soon as the Hirer has confirmed their reservation, in accordance with the conditions above, the Renter will send confirmation via email or post (upon request of the Hirer at a cost of 8€):

– A summary of the Vehicle Rental (options chosen, package chosen, balance left to pay to the Renter etc.)

– Information regarding the availability of the Vehicle especially the agreed date and place of pick up.

– The list of documents required by the Renter on the day of the pick-up.

The fitted van Renter can under no circumstances be held responsible for damages resulting from the loss or theft of the confirmation sent to the Hirer nor the use of these documents by a third party.

Under no circumstances can the Renter be held responsible for any delay in the availability of the Vehicle when this is due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Hirer that said person expressly accepted.

Section 5.06 Right of withdrawal

In accordance with article, L221-28 of the French consumer code there is no withdrawal period for a Hirer ordering (by Internet or Telephone) as of the confirmation of the reservation.

Article 6.             Price and terms of payment

Section 6.01   Price

Prices are expressed in Euros including VAT. They are subject to change at any time.

The basic price includes a fixed mileage according to rates in vigour at the time of reservation as communicated to the Hirer upon reservation of the Vehicle.

This price includes:

– Liability insurance all risks in the limits of the provisions mentioned in article 12 and upon reserve of payment of the excess and damages exceeding said excess,

– Technical assistance for the Vehicle 24/24 (breakdown service for the Vehicle when immobilised by a breakdown, accident or fire);

It can increase due to:

– Cost of options taken by the Hirer upon reservation of the Vehicle as defined in the present;

– Cost of extending the rental period as appears in the RSC;

– Cost of penalties applied, where appropriate to the Hirer upon return of the Vehicle referred to in article 13.

This price does not include:

– Fuel;

– Options (GPS, bike rack etc.) not taken out at the time of reservation;

– Exceeding set mileage;

– Damage to windscreen, roof, undercarriage and interior of the Vehicle, lights (headlights, indicators etc.), wing mirrors not covered by the insurance (non-exhaustive list)

–Not respecting time leading to a penalty charge and additional billing fixed by the Renter;

–Amount of excess charged by the fitted van Renter due to an accident or damage to the Vehicle with or without a known third party;

– Any eventual car park or motorway costs;

– Cost of expert reports;

– Fines for which the Vehicle driver is responsible,

– Cost of repairs not covered by the insurance taken and for which the cost exceeds the excess chosen.

Section 6.02   Terms of payment

(a)            Deposit

The Hirer must pay the Renter a deposit of 30% (thirty percent) of the total price of the Vehicle rental. Deposit payment depends on the reservation method by bank transfer or cheque/post from a French bank.

– When reserving via the Web site www.van-life-location.com, the Hirer pays the deposit by filling in secure payment of the deposit within 14 days following his request. If this is not done, the rental company reserves the right to cancel the reservation request.

– When reserving via phone the Hirer can pay the deposit by bank transfer or a cheque by post to the Renter at the address indicated on the reservation confirmation and at the latest 14 days until the reservation.

(b)            Balance

Without prejudice to the provisions of article 13 of the present, the Hirer must pay the total balance of the rental when picking up the Vehicle at the latest. The balance corresponds to the total rental as specified by the Renter when confirming the Vehicle reservation. It can increase due to:

– Postal cost when sending the reservation confirmation via post;

– Costs resulting from any changes to the Vehicle reservation by the Hirer before picking the car up.

(c)            Payment methods

The Renter accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheques from French banks are accepted under certain conditions and agencies. The client must request advance approval and present a copy of their Identity papers.
  • Cash payments are only in EURO. The client must request advance approval.

Any other method of payment will be refused.

(d)            Delay in payment

If the invoice payment is not received within 48 hours of the deadline, the amount left to pay following notification will include interest at a legal rate of one and half times the legal rate, the legal costs are at the expense of the indebted.

Furthermore, following notification via recorded delivery with no answer within forty eight hours the client agrees to pay as compensation in accordance to article, 1226 of the civil code an add on of 15% of the total amount to pay.

Article 7.             Changes to the Rental Contract

Section 7.01   Changes from the Hirer

(a)            Changes before picking up the Vehicle

The Renter of the fitted vans will do their upmost to satisfy the Hirer’s request before picking up the Vehicle.

If the request is to extend the rental length and/or add options, the Renter will charge the Hirer the additional costs.

If the request is to reduce the rental length and/or to cancel one or more options, the changes are processed according to the provision of the present conditions relative to cancellations.

In all circumstances, the Renter must expressly confirm the changes.

The Renter’s agreement is formalised by sending the Hirer a confirmation of reservations in the same conditions as previously specified in article 5, section 5.05.
The confirmation of reservation sent by the Renter therefore replaces and cancels the previous confirmation of reservation sent to the Hirer per article 5, section 5.05.

In the case of a refusal, no confirmation of reservation is sent to the Hirer and only the previous version is valid.

(b)            Changes during the rental period (following Vehicle pick up)

Requests during the rental period can only be in order to extend the rental length as specified in the RSC.

The request needs be by the Hirer by email to following address: van-life@outlook.fr.fr or by telephone +33(0)7 62 28 54 94.

The request is only deemed to be accepted by the Renter once the Hirer receives a confirmation of the change to the order in accordance with the conditions specified in article 5, section 5.05. The confirmation equals RSC.

If the Renter refuses the request, no confirmation is sent to the Hirer and it is only the previous confirmation that is valid.

We specify that in the case where the Hirer returns the Vehicle early (cutting the rental period short) they have no right to any form of compensation. The Hirer acknowledges this and expressly agrees.

Section 7.02   Changes due to fitted van Renter

When the Renter needs to change the Hirer’s reservation carried out according to article 5, section 5.02, the Renter shall immediately inform the Hirer. The renter then adjusts the rental price. In no circumstance, said change can justify the Hirer to cancel the complete reservation.

Article 8.             Cancellation of the Rental Contract

Section 8.01   Cancellation by the Hirer

Address any cancellation requests in writing to VANLIFE LOCATION, 224 route de Thouaré, 44980 Sainte Luce sur Loire.

Any cancellation by the Hirer leads to the immediate payment of the following costs:

– More than 45 days before picking up the Vehicle: 15% (fifteen percent) of the total reservation price;

– Between 45 and 21 days before picking up the Vehicle: 30% (thirty percent) of the total reservation price;

– Less than 21 days before picking up the Vehicle: 50% (fifty percent) of the total reservation price.

– Less than 7 days before picking up the Vehicle: 100% (hundred percent) of the total reservation price.

No show of the Hirer or Driver the day of the Vehicle pick up leads to total payment of the reservation by the Hirer. Any rental day not used by the Hirer is never reimbursed once bought.

Section 8.02   Cancellation by the Renter

When the Renter needs to cancel the Hirer’s reservation, they are provided with the same offer for a later date.

If the Hirer refuses the offer then the Renter shall reimburse all sums payed by the Hirer.

If the cancellation is due to a force majeure (as specified in article 16 of the present), the Hirer isn’t entitled to a reimbursement.

For “Special Offer” reservations and in the case of the vehicle being unavailable the renter can cancel the reservation up to the day before the hirer pick up date and the hirer cannot claim compensation.

Article 9.         Vehicle Pick up

Section 9.01   Date and location of Vehicle pick up

The Vehicle pick up date appears on the reservation confirmation sent by the Renter. In principle, the vehicle is available in the Renter’s premises between 9h00 and 15h00. This timeslot is susceptible to change. Please check the Web site for more information.

However, upon request from the Hirer when reserving the Vehicle, the pick up can be possible at a location and time agreed by both Parties and appears in the confirmation of reservations.
The Hirer must pay the additional cost (example: an outward/return journey from the closest airport to the agency: 50 euros inc. VAT per trip). This rate is susceptible to change. Please check the Web site for rates.

In the case of a “blind departure” (picking up the Vehicle without a member of the Rental company) expressly agreed to by the Renter, the Hirer accepts without reserve the inventory list (acts as a RSC) sent to them by email as a PDF. No claim is possible by the Hirer as the responsibility of the Vehicle is theirs as of reception of the inventory with location and time by the Renter. Damage, fire and theft that could occur between the creation of the inventory (RSC) and the picking up of the Vehicle are at the cost of the Hirer.

Section 9.02   Picking up the Vehicle

When picking up the Vehicle, the Hirer signs the RSC when necessary by the Driver. The signature attests:

– That the Vehicle available is in accordance with the reservation, in correct working order and presentable;

– The date, time and location of the Vehicle pick up;

– List of the equipment and accessories noted in the RSC;

– The Vehicle mileage at the time of pick up.

Therefore, the Hirer acknowledges and accepts that the singed RSC equals “Vehicle pick up inventory”. Any eventual reserves about the condition of the Vehicle must be expressed in writing by both the Hirer (or Driver) and the Renter. If not, the Hirer is unable to make a claim when returning the Vehicle. The act of the Hirer (or Driver) picking up the Vehicle automatically transfers the legal care of the Vehicle.

In the case where the Hirer (or Driver) picks up the Vehicle without signing the RSC:

– The Vehicle is considered to be in accordance with the Hirer’s reservation, the Hirer is unable to question the non conformity of the Vehicle or part of the Rental contract; and,

– The date and time of the legal transfer of care of the Vehicle are those specified in the RSC, except for proof of the contrary brought by the Hirer.

Section 9.03   Required documents

When picking up the Vehicle the Hirer (or Driver if different to the Hirer or Drivers if there are more than one) must provide the following documents:

– Valid proof of ID (Identity Card or Passport);

– A valid driving licence in accordance with the provisions stated in article 5.01.

– bank transfer or cheque deposit guarantee (cheque from a French bank only/deposit cheques only accepted in French agencies including the DOM TOM) as stated in article 9, section 9.04 in the TCR.
The guarantee deposit can be anticipated by email or telephone.

Not providing one of these documents equals the cancellation of the reservations due to the Hirer with the consequences specified in article 8, section 8.01 of the present TCR.

Section 9.04   Guarantee deposit

At the latest when picking up the Vehicle the Driver will provide the Renter a cheque payable to VANLIFE LOCATION FLORIAN DIXNEUF as a guarantee deposit of 2 000,00 € TTC (two thousand euros including VAT). The cheque must be French or payable in a French bank.

The guarantee deposit can also be requested by bankcard (only MasterCard or Visa), at the Renter’s discretion. If the bankcard is refused, the Renter reserves the right to refuse the rental. The guarantee can be requested in advance by telephone or email.

This deposit is to guarantee the fitted van Renter:

– The financial responsibility for which the Hirer is responsible for damage(s) that occur to the Vehicle and not covered by the insurance taken or in the case of theft.

– Other costs billed by the Renter and not payed for by the Hirer.

It is not possible to use the guarantee to extend the rental period.

If the sum remaining at the Renter’s cost exceed the guarantee because of the Hirer, the Hirer must immediately pay the necessary amount, in the case of a quote coming at a later date the Hirer must pay upon presentation of the quote.

In the case of an accident with an accident report, the Renter shall keep the entirety of the guarantee until reception of a letter from the insurance company stating the responsibility or not of the Hirer or until reception of the necessary quotes to repair the Vehicle.

The Renter reserves the right to keep the guarantee for up to 30 days after the rental in order to cover themselves in the case of Vehicle damage not signalled on the return of the Vehicle.

Section 9.05   Additional drivers

Only drivers stated in the RSC are authorised to drive the Vehicle.

In the case of damage caused to Vehicle by a driver not stated in the RSC, the Hirer must compensate the Renter for all the damage caused (along with the costs linked to the immobilisation of the Vehicle).

Article 10.           Use of the Vehicle

Section 10.01 Use/Maintenance of the Vehicle

The Hirer (or Driver) acknowledges to have received from the Renter the manuals and/or guides for the use and maintenance of the Vehicle.

They agree to conform to the standards specified.

Mainly, depending on the mileage driven carry out the Vehicle usage checks (oil and water levels, tyre pressure, etc.).

The Hirer must respect the warning lights that appear on the Vehicle’s dashboard. They must inform the Renter as soon as they appear and to take the necessary actions or to assume the financial consequences as a result. The Hirer (or Driver) agrees to use the Vehicle in correct conditions and keep it correct working order and good condition. The Vehicle is unless writing to the contrary is to be driven on drivable roads that are open to traffic (driving in submerged roads is forbidden). The Hirer (or Driver) is forbidden from participating in races, rallies or speed tests. It is forbidden to carry out any tows using the Vehicle without prior agreement with the Renter. The Hirer (or Driver) will not partake in any Vehicle tests and/or trials. Unless expressly agreed beforehand, the Hirer (or Driver) will not sub-let the Vehicle or charge people for transport or use it for courier activities. The Hirer (or Driver) will drive carefully and never drive in excess fatigue; smoking in the van is strictly forbidden. The Hirer will tidy away the inside table as well as the feet when driving the Vehicle. The Hirer will switch off the 12V icebox during prolonged stoppages of the Vehicle. If the battery runs flat then the Renter cannot be held responsible. The Vehicle must not come into contact with salt water. When parked the Vehicle must be locked and personal items stored in the provided storage. We do not recommend you travel with animals.

Section 10.02 Documents on board

The Hirer (or Driver) must keep the documents on board in good condition including the registration and insurance documents.

Section 10.03  Leaving the country

The Hirer (or Driver) is not authorised to drive the Vehicle outside of Metropolitan France.
In any case, the Vehicle cannot travel outside of the European Union. The Hirer (or Driver) is solely responsible for all consequences that result. Mainly not respecting local regulations and will compensate the Renter of any costs that ensue.

Section 10.04  Monitoring the Vehicle via Sat Nav

The VANLIFE LOCATION Vehicles and partners may monitor via Sat Nav tracer the van during the rental period.

Article 11.           Ownership of the Vehicle

Section 11.01  Legal care of the Vehicle

When picking up the Vehicle, the Hirer (or Driver) has the legal care and assumes full responsibility in accordance with the provisions of article 1384 of the French Civil Code.
As a result, the Hirer (or Driver) commits to use the Vehicle normally.
The following points are not considered as normal use of Vehicle:

–              Different Vehicle use to what it is designed for (fuel error, breaking clutch due to misuse, underestimating the size of the Vehicle, etc.);

–              Changing the Vehicle’s technical characteristics;

–              Driving off road;

–              Driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, un-prescribed medication;

–              Using the Vehicle with too many passengers inside, the Hirer must respect the number of places stated on the registration documents (in accordance with the number of seat belts) and within the limit of places stated in the Rental contract;

–              Using the Vehicle while over the maximal load stated in the Vehicle registration documents;

–              Sub-letting the Vehicle to a third party.

The Hirer (or Driver) shall not relinquish the Vehicle during the rental period. As the guardian, the Hirer undertakes responsibility for the consequences that occur during the rental period be it covered by the insurance or not involving their responsibility to a third part and/or immobilisation of the Vehicle. Their responsibility also extends to consequences from events arising during the rental period, but discovered after the return of the Vehicle to the Renter.

Section 11.02 Seizures and third party actions

The rented Vehicle remains the sole property of the Renter. The Hirer acquires no right of property to any parts, accessories, equipment and fixtures of the Vehicle. When necessary, the Hirer agrees to implement this property right by third parties in any circumstance and by any legal means necessary. Therefore, in the case of seizure, attempt at seizure, requisition or confiscation of the Vehicle the Hirer will:

–             Inform the Renter immediately;

–              Protest and take all necessary action to inform on the Renter’s property right of the fitted van and,

  • Obtain at their cost the release of any seizure without prejudice to actions reserved by the Renter.

Article 12.           Insurances and Cancellation option

Section 12.01 Cancellation option

This insurance guarantees the Hirer a reimbursement of the termination costs remaining in the condition specified in article 8 section 8.01 of the present RTC except for costs linked to cancellation of 7 (seven) days before pickup.

Section 12.02 Fully comprehensive insurance

The vehicles of the rental van fitted out are insured on a personal basis. It is the tenant’s obligation to take out insurance for the rented vehicle. An example of the General and Specific Conditions of the insurance contract is provided upon request to the Hirer.

WARNING the insurance does not guarantee damage caused to the «parties hautes » et « parties basses » of the Vehicle, as a result any damage to these parts remain at the cost of the Hirer.

Negligence on the Hirer’s part is never covered by the Renter’s insurance nor by the additional insurance packs offered. Negligence such as fuel errors, putting fuel in the water tank, locking the keys inside the car (this list is not exhaustive).

The Vehicle is only insured for the period specified in the RSC.

Past this time except if, an extension of the rental period in accordance with the provisions contained in article 5.1 accepted by the Renter, the Hirer is solely responsible for any damage caused to the Vehicle.

Section 12.03 Franchise et rachat de franchise

The deductible is the sum which, in all cases of implementation of the insurance, remains the responsibility of the tenant.

It is not to be confused with the amount (s) that the Lessor of fitted vans reserves the right to claim from the tenant, in the event of damage not covered by insurance.

The “upper parts” and “lower parts” as well as the interior of the vehicle not being covered by the insurance, their restoration is therefore not limited to the excess, even in the event of a buyout of excess possibly subscribed by the tenant.

Section 12.05 Obligations in the case of an accident

At the risk of being removed from the insurance, the Hirer will ensure that they:

– Immediately declare to the Renter and police any accident, theft or fire even partial;

– Send the reports directly to the insurer whose details are in the Vehicle use manual in the 72 hours following the accident and send a copy to the Renter at the address at the top of the present.

– Mention in the declaration the circumstances, date, location and time of the accident, the name and address of witnesses, number of the vehicle impacted, name of the insurance company and their policy number;

– Attach the police report or bailiff report if written up;

– Not argue responsibility, nor treat or compromise with third parties in relation to the accident;

– Send the Renter the opinions, letter, notices, judiciary acts to which they were the recipient.

In the case of theft and vandalism, the Hirer must declare it to the local Police authorities within 48 hours and file a complaint. The Hirer will transmit the original copy of the complaint to the Renter and keep a copy. They must as soon as possible return to the Renter the Vehicle documents and keys. Failure to return the Vehicle keys leads to the removal of the Theft guarantee and the billing of the total value of the Vehicle, expert costs and administrative fees. Non-conformity to these obligations means the Hirer is entirely responsible; the Renter reserves the right to start legal actions against the Hirer.

The Renter reserves the right to call upon their insurance or not to cover an accident.

Section 12.06 Exclusions

The car radio, broken windows (windows, windshield and rear view mirror), damage to the interior of the Vehicle, damage due to freezing, and personal objects or effects are generally not covered by the insurer of the tenants, as well as the damage caused to the “upper parts” (above the vehicle mudguard) and “lower parts” (below the vehicle mudguard). All costs incurred for this type of repair will remain the responsibility of the Tenant.

Section 12.07 Loss of guarantee

The Hirer immediately loses benefit of all insurance or guarantees in the following cases:

–             Non respect of the present provisions and in particular those of article 8.1 and 9.1;

–             Hirer fraud: false Hirer declaration, attempted fraud, serious road infractions or other intentional errors, attempted suicide or any illicit purposes (this list is not exhaustive)

– In all cases exclusion of the guarantees as mentioned in the “GENERAL COMPANY CONDITIONS RENTAL CAR INSURANCE”

Section 12.08 Hirer responsibility

The Hirer is responsible for all prejudice and costs suffered by the Renter due to loss, damage or theft of the Vehicle its equipment or accessories during the rental period and that are not covered by the insurance taken out whose terms are reminded in article 12 of the present TCR as well.

In the case of a responsible accident in which the Vehicle is seriously damaged or immobilised more than 3 (three) days the Renter reserves the right to terminate the rental without reimbursement nor compensation.

In the case of deterioration meaning the immobilisation of the Vehicle in a garage, the Renter shall charge the immobilisation period as rental days at the rate in vigour at the time of the work.

Administrative costs are also charged at 15% of the total repairs including VAT.

In the case of theft of Vehicle caused by the Hirer or in the absence of a third party, the Hirer must compensate the Renter for the prejudice caused (amount of repairs quote, Vehicle value, immobilisation cost, administrative fees etc.) when the insurance taken out does not apply.

At the end of the rental, in the case of damage or theft the Hirer is charged an amount equal to the guarantee deposit.

If the prejudice is greater than this amount, the Renter sends an invoice of the difference to the Hirer.

If the Hirer uses there personal insurance to cover their responsibility in the case of damage or loss of the Vehicle, they authorise the Renter to directly negotiate and deal with the insurer for appropriate compensation and agrees for all sums relative to the damage or loss of the Vehicle be directly payed to the Renter.

Article 13.           Traffic offences

Pursuant article L.121-2 of the Highway Code the driver of the Vehicle is personally responsible for all fines and tickets relative to traffic offences applicable in Europe (parking tickets, paying tolls, this is not an exhaustive list.).  The Hirer (or Driver) directly pays the fines to the relative authorities. Failure of immediate and direct payment and in the case where the Renter receives an increased fine, then the Renter shall inform the appropriate authorities of the identity and details of the Hirer.

Furthermore, the Hirer will pay the Renter the sum of 75 Euros TTC (seventy-five euros including VAT) by fine for administrative fees.

Article 14.           Returning the Vehicle

The return equals the end of the Rental Contract no matter the cause.

Section 14.01 Date and time of return

The Hirer is responsible for returning the Vehicle at their cost at the location and time agreed in the TCR or as appropriate the RSC. No matter what the return must be during the Renter’s opening hours 9h00 to 19h00 from Monday to Friday and on RDV Saturday (times can vary). Please visit the website.
The Hirer must inform the Renter immediately if they face any delays.

In the hypothesis, the Hirer is unable to return the Vehicle during the Renter’s opening times; the Hirer must keep the Vehicle and return it the next day during the opening hours. In this case the Renter reserves the right to charge the Hirer the sum of 20,00 € inc VAT (twenty euros including VAT) by hour of lateness.

Failure to return the Vehicle on the date agreed by the parties the Renter will charge the Hirer the sum of 40,00 € inc VAT (forty euros including VAT) by hour, with no prejudice of the Renter being able to start a legal procedure against the Hirer.

Specific cases for returning the Vehicle outside of the opening hours:

-> When “Blindly” returning the Vehicle (= returning the Vehicle without the presence of the Renter), expressly agreed beforehand with the Renter, the Hirer acknowledges that the Vehicle remains their sole responsibility until the time that the agency re-opens. In this case, the Hirer must specifically follow the procedure indicated and ensure that the Vehicle is correctly parked and safe. All damage, theft or fire that could occur from the moment the Vehicle is left and the opening of the agency remain at the cost of the Hirer.

The Vehicle report is carried out once the agency opens and sent to the Hirer by email as a PDF. The Hirer accepts the report without reserve.

If damage, missing items or obligations are found the Renter will charge the Hirer accordingly.

-> For “Late returns” expressly authorised by the Renter, the Hirer shall be charged a late fee of 25 euros inc VAT (amount susceptible to change). Please check the website for more information.

Section 14.02 Vehicle condition

The Vehicle must be returned in the same state the Hirer received it. A comparative Vehicle check to the one present in the RSC upon pick up. Both Parties sign this report. If the Vehicle condition differs to when received, the Renter will charge the Hirer for the damage occurred.

If the Hirer does not want to (or cannot due to “blind return” for example) carry out this check then the Renter shall carry it out alone. In this case, the Hirer accepts the Renter’s findings and resulting billing.

If the Vehicle isn’t returned perfectly clean (inside and out) the Hirer is charged a penalty of 150,00 € inc VAT (hundred and fifty euros inc VAT). If the Hirer signs up to a cleaning service the Hirer can still be charged 150 euros Inc VAT (hundred and fifty euros inc VAT) in the case of abuse.

What’s more, chemical toilets not emptied/cleaned could lead to an unplanned cleaning charge of 150 euros inc VAT (hundred and fifty euros inc VAT).

The Renter reserves the right to request the Vehicle be examined by an expert once returned. In this case, the report is binding between the two parties, except for a counter report duly notifying the Renter within 7 (seven) day following reception of the expert report by the Renter.

Expertise costs remain the charge of the Hirer.

If an anomaly is found within 15 days following return of the Vehicle, the Renter reserves the right to invoke the Hirer’s responsibility.

Section 14.03 Equipment/Accessories

In accordance with article 5.03, the Renter charges the Hirer a penalty for any broken, lost and/or not replaced equipment and accessories. The rate charged depends on the price list drawn up by the Renter and available to the Hirer upon request. The price list displayed in the agency and available upon request is susceptible to updates by the Renter at any time. The items displayed on the list are charged at real price (according to supplier bill) + 10 (ten) euros.

Section 14.04 Fuel

The Vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel. It is to be returned with a full tank. If not, the Renter will charge the Hirer the price of the missing fuel according to current fuel prices plus a charge of 20,00 € inc VAT (twenty euros inc. VAT) that corresponds to the services of Renter filling up the tank. In order to obtain the amount of fuel required to fill the tank the Renter will use the fuel gauge to see how much fuel is missing from the tank (according to constructer data).

Section 14.05 Tyres

The Vehicle is provided to the Hirer with the correct amount of tyres and that conform to regulations in place. If the Hirer damages a tyre outside of normal ware or hides damage the Renter will charge the replacement to the Hirer unless the Hirer has already replaced the tyre at their cost.

However, if the Hirer signs up to “flat tyre insurance” they will not be charged for the repairs or replacement of the tyre, as long as the defective tyre is given back to the Renter.  Attention seuls les frais de remplacement de pneus ou de réparation du pneumatique sont couverts par notre « assurance roue crevée » (ne sont donc pas pris en charge : le remorquage, l’assistance, nuit d’hôtel, véhicule de remplacement,…)

Section 14.06 Returning on board documents

The Hirer must return to the Renter all the documents made available when they picked up the Vehicle (registration document, insurance card, maintenance manuals, etc.). Failure to return the documents or replace the document means the Renter is able to charge the Hirer 40,00 € TTC (forty euros inc. VAT) in order to obtain duplicates and/or replacements for the documents.

Section 14.07 Mileage

The basic mileage allowance for a rental is of 150 kilometres by day of rental.

A Vehicle meter reading is taken upon pick up and return of the Vehicle as instructed in the TCR. If the Hirer exceeds the allowance the Renter will charge the Hirer on the basis of 0,40 € inc. VAT (forty cents of euros inc. VAT) by additional kilometre.

If the Vehicle meter has defects linked to fraudulent actions by the Hirer, the Renter will charge the Hirer based on 300 (three hundred) kilometres by day.

Section 14.08 Billing

Where appropriate, the Renter charges the Hirer (or Driver) upon the return the of Vehicle the items specified in articles 13.1 to 14.7 above, when this leads to additional costs to the Hirer as in the RSC. The Hirer immediately pays this bill (or the Driver).

When an expert report on the Vehicle is necessary, the Renter has an additional month (thirty days) to establish a quote.

Article 15.           Computer technology and freedom

Personal data acquired during the Rental contract process or later date are subject to a process declared by the Commission Nationale Informatique et des Libertés under the number 1507087.

They are intended to enable the Renter to identify the Hirer and Driver and their capacity to complete the Rental contract.

The Hirer acknowledges that the data provided can be used in order to contact them with commercial offers. The Hirer:

–              Has the right to refuse to be kept on file and the use of their personal data;

–              Has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data relative to them.
To exercise this right simply address a letter to VAN LIFE LOCATION, 224 route de Thouaré 44980 Sainte Luce sur Loire

Article 16.           Force majeure

The Renter reserves the right to cancel without financial prejudice any reservation in the case of force majeure events and unforeseeable circumstances such as: strikes, fire, water damage, impossible access, decisions coming from authorities, hurricanes and tropical storms, damaged or broken down vehicle etc. this list is not exhaustive, etc.

Article 17.           Responsibility

The Renter refuses al responsibility in the case of loss or damage caused to belongings or people by a Vehicle in legal care of the Hirer unless there is serious negligence on the Renter’s part or failing to respect the conditions in the present TCR. The Renter cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage such as missing a train, boat or plane (non-exhaustive list). The Renter cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to the Hirer’s or Driver’s personal belongings left on board the Vehicle during the Rental contract duration.

The Renter cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft to the Hirer’s vehicle while parked at the agency car park during the rental period.

Article 18.           Applicable law – disputes

The Rental contract is subject to be it interpretation or application to French law.

Any difficulties or disputes relative to the interpretation or execution of the Rental contact even if numerous or appealing guarantees shall be taken to the relevant tribunal of the city of Nantes (44000).