Naitup duo rooftop tent rental

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  • How do I rent a Naitup Duo rooftop tent?

Renting a Duo roof tent is available all year round. After validating your dates on your right, you will make a rental request. Florian or Anais will come back to you to confirm your reservation. During your exchange, you will be able to confirm the time slots. When you arrive, we will set up the roof tent and demonstrate it free of charge. It is also possible to call us at +337.

  • How to buy a Naitup Duo rooftop tent?

You can contact us directly by telephone at +337. but also by message. on your right CONTACT REQUEST. In addition to this, Vanlife rental guarantees you a price identical to the manufacturer. If you find it cheaper.


  • What are the advantages of the Naitup Duo rooftop tent?

The Naitup Duo roof tent is very comfortable and quick to open and close (30 seconds). Its production and construction are 100% Made in France. It is thanks to our know-how that we offer the 5-year guarantee.

The roof tent has very comfortable bedding with a 120cmx210cm mattress as well as a 40kg/m3 density mattress. For your comfort, we have added an under-mattress which also helps evacuate the humidity created by body heat. In addition, this roof tent has three large windows with mosquito nets. This way, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional view of your most beautiful vacation spots. This roof tent has a very large volume! Thanks to its interior height is 150cm. The roof tent canvas is waterproof and resists the most unpredictable weather. In addition, your fuel consumption will be almost identical to your usual. Only 0.2 litres/100km more. This roof tent adapts to almost all vehicles as well as your converted vans or van.

  • Quelles barres de toit choisir ?

When renting or purchasing a Naitup Family roof tent, your roof bars must support the weight of 55kg. This corresponds to the maximum useful weight of your roof bars dynamically (when you are driving). As soon as your vehicle is stopped (car, converted van or converted van) the interior load is limited to 250kg. The purchase of your roof racks being a very important aspect of renting a roof tent but also when you buy a roof tent, Vanlife Location offers to find your roof racks for FREE.

  • How much does it cost to rent a Naitup Duo rooftop tent?

You will be able to find the price according to your period after having validated your dates on your right. It is also possible to consult the rental prices at the bottom of the page.

The options will be available after validating your dates.

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Caracteristic rooftop tent Naitup Duo

Roof tent 2 beds comfort mattress 120cm*210cm interior height 150cm

Total waterproofing of the canvas

Unfolds in 30 seconds and folds in 30 seconds effortlessly

High density comfort mattress (40kg/m3)

Under comfort and anti-condensation mattress included

Under comfort and anti-condensation mattress included

Price and Équipement

LOW SEASON October to April

2 to 7 days 39€/day

8 to 14 days 30€/day

15 days to a long duration 20€/day

HIGH SEASON May to September

2 to 7 days 49€/day

8 to 14 days 40€/day

15 days to a long duration 30€/day

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Naitup duo rooftop tent rental is available for selected dates.

Naitup Duo rooftop tent rental prices

Low season
Decreasing price depending on duration
39€ / day
  • October to April
High season
Decreasing price depending on duration
49€ / day
  • July to August

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